We raise a small breed of pasture pigs called Kunekunes for meat. These piggies eat most anything, and with their snouts will helpfully turn over the soil in search of roots and grubs. One most notable and appreciated attribute of this breed is their temperament is very docile and they do not challenge fences so they are truly easy keepers.

Our pigs are raised naturally with organic grain, fresh fruit, and farm vegetables. No antibiotics, chemicals, or hormones, just fresh-air and sunshine.

When their time comes they do not know what is happening, experience no pain, and do not have any stress in the process. For those concerned with the ethical treatment of animals this is the most ideal of situations in which meat can be brought to the table. Even the animals providing the so called “humanely raised” meats found in the farmers market or health food stores are required to be transported to a USDA certified kill facility. The transportation is stressful. Only meat obtained from a farmer friend, who raises pigs (or share of a pig) for your personal consumption can be truly ethically raised and killed.